LaShawn Huey

LaShawn Huey

LaShawn Huey is a 21-year-old Cleveland resident who is currently a student at Miami University. The past five years have been some of the hardest for LaShawn. He graduated from John Hayes Early College High School with both a high school and associates degree. Due to his level of academic success, he thought he was ready for college.

 After LaShawn’s first year of college, his GPA barely topped 2.0.

“That was the first time I had ever gotten C’s and D’s in school,” LaShawn said, recalling his freshman year on the Oxford, Ohio campus.

LaShawn came back to Miami as a sophomore, attempting to do better than the year before. He struggled, though. He was battling depression due to the health issues of his grandparents, and there also were his father’s medical problems. All three were hospitalized in Cleveland. So at the end of his second year at Miami, his GPA dropped to 1.7, which cost him his scholarship.

LaShawn Huey and his family 

Given all of that, along with the health worsening for his father and grandmother, LaShawn decided to go home and take care of his two younger siblings. He was taught to be family oriented, because  in his mind, it was the only option he had. Each day he worked long hours at a “Save-A-Lot” supermarket in Cleveland to pay bills for the household. He spent his time traveling between work and the hospital to visit his family members.

Not only that, but LaShawn continued to battle depression while trying to get back into Miami. No matter what odds were stacked against him, he kept pushing.

Every night before bed, he heard a voice tell him . . .

“Just Keep Pushing.”

He didn’t know who said it or why it was being said, but he kept on pushing. During the whole ordeal, LaShawn decided it was important for him to take better care of his health and to change his goals regarding Miami. He decided his original major of engineering wasn’t the best for him. He wanted to go back and pursue a degree in political science. 

 LaShawn worked for a year at Save-a-Lot, and he amassed enough funds for a return to Miami in the fall of 2017. 

 “I will be the first person to graduate college. It’s up to me to set the example for my younger brothers. It’s up to me to better my families overall situation. I just can’t stop.”

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