I want this to be something that people look forward to each day. Everyday no matter what is going on in their life, they have something to smile at in the morning, that can help them get through the day. 


 –Christopher Smitherman II, President & Founder

A year ago founder and president Christopher Smitherman II was feeling down as a result of a series of life events. His mother was battling breast cancer that left her permanently disabled, he ended a long term relationship, and he was struggling to find employment for after his senior year of college. He was waking up feeling awful and unmotivated. 

In this time he realized that if he felt bad, others must be struggling to get through the day as well. He began to text his friends and family each morning with motivational methods. At the beginning of January 2018 his text were going to 130 people each morning. In order to expand the audience he started RAW A.M MOTIVATION on Instagram. 

Since then, RAW A.M MOTIVATION has become an official LLC, and has a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The goal is to provide short bits of motivation, encouraging others to perservere no matter what challenges the day may bring. People can slow down, but in order to be successful and SLAY THE DAY, one must NEVER STOP GOING IN™!